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Why Need Pre Purchase Building Inspections

Before you make a commitment to buy a home, you need to ensure that you know what you’re getting into. A house is a huge investment — you need to be aware of any defects or risks you may inherit.

With lots of older homes in Melbourne, your building may not be in the best shape, despite what the seller has said. In order to have an accurate perception of your house, warts and all, you need an independent, impartial party that will be able to point out major and minor structural defects alike. That’s where we come in!

Sellers may try to hide flaws with cosmetic fixes, but our inspectors will be able to see beyond these and give you an insight into the real condition of a property. Our inspector will appraise the building and develop an easy-to-read report that outlines any defects or issues you should be aware of.

This report can be used in the sale negotiation to lower the price and may help you to inform your plans going forward — if you still choose to buy, that is. Other times, a building inspection report is the perfect wake-up call that will help you dodge the bullet of a bad investment.

When we come to your building, we’re looking for all sorts of defects and issues, as well as signs that something may develop into a problem down the line. Our building inspection reports cover:

  • Roofing (including frame, attic space, guttering and tiling)
  • Walls (internal and external)
  • Floors (including subfloors)
  • All doors, windows and frames (internal and external)
  • Retaining walls
  • Fences
  • Stairs
  • Driveways
  • Utilities (plumbing, electrical, etc.)
  • Patios and gardens
  • Any other repairs, maintenance and service needed

We categorise each issue we find according to how pressing it is and include photos in our report to help you identify the area of concern. Some of the main issues we find during our property inspections include ineffective weatherproofing, structural integrity, poor drainage, moisture damage, and safety concerns that come with older properties.

Condition is key to a purchase, and to your family’s safety — we ensure that you pay the right price for your Melbourne property and that it will service you well as the years pass.

Many of the risks in a property are not obvious, which is why you need expert house inspections. Melbourne buyers trust that we will provide a comprehensive report that will help with their decision-making.

When it comes to Melbourne house inspections, you want someone with keen eyes and experience. As experts on all things to do with the Building Code of Australia and state-specific regulations, you can trust that we will be able to identify any risks or hazards to yourself and your loved ones.

All of our Melbourne building inspectors have Public Liability and Indemnity Insurance for our clients’ peace of mind. We strive to provide excellent service, quality reports that are easy to understand and comprehensive knowledge about the property to help inform your investment. Issues with a home aren’t always a dealbreaker, but they should be something that you are aware of going into a purchase, not a nasty surprise afterwards. Our property inspection report will cover all problem areas — even areas that have the potential to become problems down the line, costing you some pretty major cash.

Our Melbourne clients appreciate our guidance and know that we will point out any problems a property has. With us, you know the full condition of the building before you buy and can make better, more informed decisions.

At a time that is very stressful for a home buyer, we’ll supply the advice, support and experience you need. Our building inspection services are second to none, with your inspector producing a report that will help you save time and money in the long run.

In the state of Victoria, there are a few mandatory building inspections you must get. These include:

Footings inspection
Slab inspection / base stage inspection
Framing inspection
Final inspection (top-to-bottom building inspection before issuing an Occupancy Permit)

After each inspection, a building inspector must issue an approval letter before any work can continue. If the structure does not meet the grade, builders must make adjustments and fix defects to satisfy inspectors.

We can provide inspections for clients at all stages of building, ensuring that they meet all the right standards. Our inspections will ensure that your builder is constructing your house as requested and as required by the law, saving you headaches down the road.

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