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When undergoing construction work, there is a chance that neighbouring properties can be damaged. That being said, in some cases, neighbours may make false claims about the damage that has been done.

To ensure that builders are protected, it is important to determine the conditions of a property before work commences so that any existing problems – or defects that later occur because of these problems – are not blamed on them. A dilapidation report ensures that all previously incurred faults and damage are recorded for future use.

In some cases, your building surveyor may recommend getting a dilapidation report as part of protection works notices; in others, you may choose to seek one out for your own peace of mind. This is especially crucial for construction work that involves excavation or that may cause vibration.

What’s included in a Dilapidation Report?

As part of our inspection, we examine both the internal and external conditions of the property to find any existing defects such as subsidence or cracks. Other parts of the property – driveways, paving, pools, fences, outbuildings, garages, etc. – are also considered.

A council may also request that public assets around the property are inspected. This includes things like footpaths, kerbs, roads, streetlights, and more.

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