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Pest Inspection in Melbourne

The last thing you want when you’re buying a new home is to find out that there are other occupants. Termites are surprisingly common in Melbourne homes and, if your house is not property protected, you may soon be dealing with unwanted company and consequences.

One in five houses in Melbourne are plagued by termites; unfortunately, your home insurance will not cover termite damage. This means that if you are buying a house — especially an older one that may not have been built with termite prevention in mind — timber pest inspections are a must.

A pest inspector from our team will come out to the property and search for any signs of termite activity. They will issue a report to you that includes any termite damage present, if a termite management system has been installed (and, if so, any details), and what materials have been used to construct crucial structural elements. This will allow you to have a complete understanding of the risks you may be taking on in purchasing the house.

Termite damage and other evidence of pests may not be obvious to the average person, but our pre purchase pest inspectors have been trained to identify the smallest signs and areas that may put you at risk of an infestation down the line, such as proper ventilation or drainage.

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We provide a comprehensive pest inspection report that will give you peace of mind and certainty. To prevent a nasty shock in the months, or even years, to come, make sure you get a house inspection!

As we offer both property inspections and pest inspections, we can provide affordable prices for clients who require both services.

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