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Under Victorian law, rental providers must have a gas and electrical safety check every two years; if you have just purchased the property and no safety check has been conducted in that time, you must do it as soon as possible.

We provide rental safety inspections for landlords who want to ensure that their property is up to scratch – ensuring that they are in compliance with all regulations, that the tenant will be protected from harm, and that they will not be at risk of litigation. It is in all parties’ best interests to conduct regular inspections of rental properties, giving both the tenant and landlord peace of mind.

At PPBI, we provide Melbourne landlords and property managers with comprehensive safety inspections that reveal any risks or potential problems.

What does a Rental Safety Inspection include?

Our expert inspectors are trained to assess any and all risks to health and safety, including:

To ensure that you comply with the regulations around gas and electrical safety, we check electrical appliances, gas appliances, smoke detectors, and more.

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