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Is there an area of the property you are particularly concerned about? Or maybe you just want to focus on a couple of areas in the building? If so, a special purpose inspection may be in your best interest.

You may have noticed something on your property that has set off red flags. To ensure if it is a potential problem and whether it will be a small headache or a big migraine, you need an expert assessment. Our team is comprised of qualified builders and inspectors who will be able to provide you with a clear insight into your situation.

We examine the area in-depth and provide a detailed report that will inform you exactly what the issue is and the extent to which it will affect the property. We also provide recommendations for further action, advising you on the next steps you’ll need to take.

We can provide special purpose inspections for all sorts of issues. Some of the most common requests we receive include structural issues, cracked walls, subsidence, rising damp, gaps, leaks, insulation, asbestos, and more.

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